A La Carte Menu


Mixed Vegetable Platter (v) £8.75
Sweet potato cake, vegetable pakora & vegetable Samosa
Seafood Platter £11.75
Spicy squid, king prawn zaffrani & salmon tikka
Chilli Fried Squid £4.25
With cumin, chilli & coriander
Spiced King Scallops £5.95
Pan-sheared scallop with karahi, spiced pink radish, pomegranate & cauliflower puree
Mixed Grilled Platter £9.95
Seekh kebab, chicken tikka & green chicken kebab
Sweet Potato Cakes (v) £3.95
Deep fried potato cakes
Onion Bhaji (v) £3.95
Crisp nuggets of spinach, potato & crushed coriander seeds deep fried
Tandoori King Prawn £5.50
Char-grilled king prawns in marinade of yogurt, carom seeds, fresh curry leaf with mango & mint  
Paneer Chilli (v) £3.95
Lightly marinated Indian cottage cheese with sesame seeds, vegetables & chillies  
Goan Style Beef £5.45
Morsels of beef fillet strips, tandoor grilled seasoned with dry ginger & rosemary in a melange of yogurt and fresh mint …a succulent dish!  
Gulati Seekh Kebab £4.45
Juicy lean minced lamb skewered & sealed in a layer of chopped onions and peppers  
Chicken Tikka £4.45
Chicken breast pieces marinated with cheese, cream & cuminseeds, char-grilled  
Salmon Tikka £5.45
Marinated cubes of slightly spiced salmon grilled inthe candoor  
Char-Grilled Lamb Chops £5.45
Tenderspringlamb  marinatedin spices  


Vegetable Dishes.

Side Main
Shak Aloo £3.25 £7.95
Aloo Govi £3.25 £7.95
Tarka Dal £3.25 £7.95
Govi Bhaji £3.25 £7.95
Muttor  Paneer £3.25 £7.95
Bombay  Potatoes £3.25 £7.95
Shak Bhaji £3.25 £7.95
Aloo  Saigon £3.25 £7.95
Brinjal Bhaji £3.25 £7.95
Baby Aubergine £3.25 £7.95
Shak Paneer £3.25 £7.95
Shabzi Makani £3.25 £7.95
Daal Makhani £3.25 £7.95
Mixed Vegetable Curry £3.25 £7.95
Chana Masala £3.25 £7.95
Mushroom Bhaji £3.25 £7.95
Chana Shak £3.25 £7.95


Rice Dishes.

Lemon Rice £2.95
Pilau Rice £2.95
Steamed Rice £2.54
Mushroom Rice £2.95
Keema Rice £2.95



Cheese & Chilli Nan £2.95
Keema Nan £2.95
Garlic Nan £2.95
Peshwari Nan £2.95
Tandoori Roti £2.55
Plain Nan £2.55
Chapati £1.95



Raitha – Yoghurt with cucumber, tomatoes & fresh coriander. £2
Popadums (Plain or Masala) 70p each
Chutneys 70p per person


Maya Main Curries

Maya Chicken** £10.95
Strips of chicken breast with onion, pepper, mushroom and fresh green chillies  
Ginger Chicken (n)* £10.95
Cube of chicken cooked in fresh ginger, coriander and a touch of Indian spices  
Butter Chicken (n)* £10.95
Chicken cooked in rich gravy made of fresh cream. tomato and fenugreek with aromatic spices  
Madhu Murgh (n) £10.95
Chicken breast strips with honey cooked in cashew nut based sauce containing mild spices and touch of cream  
Chicken Lababdaar* £10.95
Tender pieces of chicken cooked in tomato gray with fresh coriander and garlic  
Laal Mass*** £11.95
Rajasthani style lamb turf with whole red chilli and garlic  
Lamb Kolhapuri*** £11.95
Chet special recipe famous for its unique spicy taste  
Lamb Tawa Masala** £11.95
Tender morsels of lamb cooked in ginger, green chilli and coriander  
Dalcha Goast** £11.95
Tender pieces of lamb cooked in fresh green chilli and coriander with touch of yellow lentil  
Goan Fish Curry* £11.95
Small fillet of cod cooked with tamarind, coconut cream and curry leaves  
Duck Jalsha * £10.95
lean duck pieces crisped over charcoal, mixed with apricot & ginger & cooked on a spicy sauce with bay leaf & cardamom  
Chicken Chettinand** £11.95
Tender pieces of chicken ina hotsauce of ginger. green chiUi & coconuL A deilcacy of the chettinand homes in india  
King Prawn Coconut Curry* £12.95
SouthIndian style king prawn cooked with coconut milk, garlic, green chilli and curry leaf  


From The Tandoor
Served with salad.

Tandoor Chicken* £9.95
Succulent pieces of chicken on the bone  
Lamb/Chicken Shaslik* £9.95
With onion, capsicum, tomato and cooked in tandoor  
Tandoori Salmon £11.95
Scottish salmon grilled with honey and dill  
Tandoor King Prawn* £12.95
Grilled king prawn marinated in yogurt and spices  
Tandoori Mix Grill* £11.95
Combination of chicken, lamb tikka with seekh kebab and king prawn, served with garlic naan  



Lamb* £12.95
Chicken* £11.95
King Prawn* £13.95
Mixed Vegetable (v)* £9.95


Chef’s Signature Dishes

King Prawn Delight (n) £13.95
Grilled king prawns cooked in almond-based saffron flavoured sauce served with pilau rice  
Lamb Shank**  ON THE BONE £13.95
Cooked to perfection in an onion gravy spiced with pepper and served with pilau rice  
Rack of Lamb* £13.95
Tandoori rack of lamb marinated overnight in chef’s special spices – served with bombay aloo  
Clay Oven Chicken with Black Lentils* £13.95
Tandoori grilled chicken breast served in bed of black lentil with pilau rice  
Whole Sea Bass* ON THE BONE £13.95
Charcoal-grilled whole sea bass served with garlic spinach  
Malabari Monk Fish Curry* £13.95
Monk fish curry cooked in coconut malabari sauce  
Traditional Steak £13.95
Served with fries and salad  


Indian Traditional Curries

Chicken Lamb King Prawn
Tikka Masala £8.95 £9.95 £11.95
Barbecued chicken or lamb cooked with aromatic spices in a mild tomato sauce
Karahi* £8.95 £9.95 £11.95
Chicken or lamb mixed with peppers and onion. Medium spiced
Bhoona* £8.95 £9.95 £11.95
Chicken or lamb in a thick medium strength sauce
Madras** £8.95 £9.95 £11.95
Chicken or lamb in a south Indian style hot & tangy sauce
Pathia** £8.95 £9.95 £11.95
Hot,sweet & sour with hint of lemon
Dhansak* £8.95 £9.95 £11.95
Medium strength curry with lentils & fresh coriander
Jalfrezi** £8.95 £9.95 £11.95
Stir fried & heavily spiced with peppers, fresh green chillies.
Garlic Chilli Chicken** £8.95 £9.95 £11.95
Barbecued chicken breast cooked with fresh garlic & green chillies
Korma £8.95 £9.95 £11.95
Tender pieces of meat cooked off the bone in creamy mild sauce.
Saag £8.95 £9.95 £11.95
Mixed with fresh spinach & garlic. A medium spicy dish.
Rogan Josh* £8.95 £9.95 £11.95
Prepared with pimento & garnished with peppers& tomatoes in a rich sauce.
Dupiaza* £8.95 £9.95 £11.95
Bangalora style curry with spiced fried onions in delicious sauce.
Ceylon** £8.95 £9.95 £11.95
Pieces of chicken or lamb cooked with black pepper ,coconut & a touch of lemon juice. A spicy dish.


Key to Symbols:

* = Medium Hot
** = Hot
*** = Very Hot
n = Contains Nuts
v = Vegetarian