Main Courses

Chef’s Signature Dishes.

Maya Special Chicken With strips of corn fed chicken breast pieces, mixed with spiced fried onions, peppers & mushrooms, cooked in medium strength with few fresh green chilies and coriander. £7.50
Duck Jalshaj Lean duck pieces, first crisped over charcoal then mixed with apricot & ginger & cooked on strong spiced sauce with bay leaf and cardamom. £9.95
Rajasthani Style Lamb Leg Curry Braised tender cubes of lamb cooked in a special spicy Rajasthani sauce. £7.95
Modu Murg Chicken breast strips with honey & coconut, in mild spices with a touch of cream, garnished with crispy parsnips.

A wonderful dish, to replace the favorite chicken korma.

Dalcha Gosthl Roasted lamb strips fused with fresh green chilies and coriander. A tasty dish! £7.95
Chicken or Lamb Badam Passanda Barbecued lamb or chicken pieces cooked with ground almonds & red wine in a rich creamy sauce. £7.95
Chicken or Lamb Jalfrezil Stir fried pieces of meat or poultry, well spiced with peppers, fresh green chilies, A hot and tasty dish. £7.95
Karahi Chicken or Lamb Chicken or lamb cooked with mixed peppers & onion, medium spiced. £7.95
Narikel Duck Glazed gressingham duck breast in cream coconut & cinnamon, medium spiced, a perfect combination. £9.95
Garlic Chilli Chicken Chicken tikka cooked with fresh garlic & green chillies. £7.95
Chilli Massala – Chicken or Lamb Nepalese-style fresh green peppers, onion, tomatoes & chilies. £7.50
Chicken Tikka Mossala Oven baked spicy chicken cooked to a secret recipe & garnished with fresh ground coconut. £7.95
King Prawn Mossala Medium spiced marinated king prawns charcoal grilled & stir fried in ground coconut & finished in a secret sauce for a dazzling flavor. £10.95
Hydrabadi Style Fresh Herb Chicken Curry Chicken breast cubes marinated in fresh coriander, dill, mint & basil. Roasted in the tandoor, & cooked in a spinach, green chili, garlic, ginger & tomato sauce. £7.95
Lamb Achari Tender cubes of Iamb cooked with whole spices & assorted seeds in a richly flavored sauce. Served with pickle. £7.95
Lamb Tawa Masala Lamb cooked with garlic & ginger in a thick medium spicy sauce. £7.95