Any starter that is not on this list can be made on request.

Mixed Grill Platter Seek kebab. chicken tikka and green chicken kebab £8.50
Mixed Vegetable Platter Onion bhaji, sweet potato cake. Panjabi samosa £7.95
Onion Bhaji Crisp nuggets of spinach, potatoes, onion & crushed coriander seeds, deep fried £3.25
Samosa Triangular pastry filled with a choice of minced lamb or vegetables £3.25
Seek Kebab Juicy minced lamb blended with spices & onion grilled in tandoori £3.75
Prawn Puri Prawns cooked to sweet & sour taste served on deep fried bread called “purl” £3.75
Tandoori Chicken Chicken marinated in a special blend of medium spices & barbecued £3.95
Chicken Chat Pieces of barbecued back strap chicken cooked in tasty medium sauce £3.50
Chicken or Lamb Tikka Marinated in a special blend of mild spices & barbecued over charcoal £3.75
Paneer Chilli Pieces of Indian cottage cheese lightly marinated & cooked with onion, pepper & fresh chili £3.75
Choila Chicken or Iamb stir fried with fresh garlic & Nepalese-style herbs & spices £3.95
King Prawn Puri King prawn pieces cooked to sweet & sour taste served on deep fried bread called “purl” £4.95
Jinga Zafrani King prawns marinated with coastal spice then spiced with crushed fennel and coriander seeds £5.50
Salmon Tikka Pink salmon matured in a mildly spiced marinade of dill fennel, mustard and lemon grass. Cooked in tandoor £5.95
Popadums Choose between two types – massala or plain £0.60
Pickles Onion, mango. mixed pickle, mint sauce. £0.60